MACE 2017

The International Conference on Material and Chemical Engineering
December 19-22, 2017 Singapore

Best Paper Award

Keynote Speech

Speaker: Dr. Katie Brodhead

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics, Florida A&M University, USA

Topics: Machine Learning in Computer Science


Evidence suggests that growth in the technology revolution is at an exponential rate and there no evidence of any slowdown in the near term. Much of the success is owed to techniques in machine learning.  Recent developments at Google and at Apple provide windows into this current growth track.  Last year, AlphaGo, developed by Google's DeepMind unit, became the first computer program to beat the top human professional Go player without handicaps.  At Apple, it was only three years ago that the company's flagship interactive human assistant, Siri, used "hidden Markov models" as the default computing system to answer user queries.  However Apple recently moved to machine learning and deep neural network techniques.  Some applications include object recognition, face recognition, and scene classification. In this talk we first give examples of these applications and provide an introduction to machine learning.  A few areas of author interest are also provided.  In doing so, the future of artificial intelligence with respect to machine learning is considered.  What might these developments portend for the future of society?  We consider some of these questions and advance the idea of the integration of other sciences into the current landscape of machine learning.


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